Draft Beer

  • Budweiser

  • Bud Light

  • Stella

  • Samuel Adams

  • SchockTop

  • Sierra Nevada

  • Deschutes IPA

  • DNA Red Ale

  • Modelo

  • Stone IPA

  • 805

  • Kona Longboard

  • Black Diamond - White Witch

  • Coors Light

  • Mendocino - Red Tail Ale

  • Prohibition Ale

  • Big Daddy

  • Turner Pilsner

Bottled Beer

  • Omission (Gluten Free)

  • Corona/Corona Light

  • Becks


  • Budweiser

  • Bud Light

  • Michelob Ultra

  • Angry Orchid - Crisp Apple (GF)

  • St. Pauli Girl (non-alcoholic)

  • Newcastle Brown Ale

  • Heineken

  • Lagunitas IPA

  • MGD

  • Color’s Banquet

White Wine

  • Beringer White Zinfandel (California)

    100% blush wine with vibrant, fresh strawberry, honeydew, and citrus flavors with subtle hints of clove and nutmeg.

  • Stone Cellars Chardonnay (California)

    Ripe apple flavors, enticing citrus aromas and a touch of baking spices with French vanilla to round out the palate

  • Josh Cellars Chardonnay (California)

    Balanced with aromas of tropical fruits and citrus married with subtle oak notes

  • Villa Pozzi Pinot Grigio (Italy)

    Soft flavors of perfumed rose and soft honeysuckle that are attractive and indicative of the refreshing fruit style

  • Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (California)

    Bright aromas of lime and citrus are the core with layers of white flower nectar, peach and tropical melon

Red Wine

  • Stone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

    Black fruit flavors that are layered with the sweet spices of oak, resulting in a smooth, fruit-forward wine with a pleasing finish

  • Villa Pozzi Nero D’Avola (Italy)

    A gorgeous perfume of blackberry liqueur, white flowers, vanilla, and a hint of figs delivered in a leather basket

  • Stone Cellars Merlot (California)

    Full of pure, clean flavor of plum, and blueberry are enhanced by warm brown spices that linger into the finish

  • Hob Nob Pinot Noir (Southern France)

    As elegant as a bouquet of violets bursting with cherry flavors

  • Geyser Peak Zinfandel

    With a medium acidity this wine has a rich ruby red color, hearty mouthfeel and soft tannins.